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We uphold the tradition, rely on profound technical accumulation, and believe in the business philosophy of “independent research and development, leading technology, first-class service, and integrity-based”. We have launched a series of electric special vehicles and obtained more than 30 patents. The products are exported to more than 30 countries on five continents around the world, and have won unanimous praise.

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This is Why you choose YAXI

Advantages of YAXI production


* The range is based on the testing conditions of even speed of 20km/h, flat and straight paved road, temperature of 25 celsus degree, wind speed less than 5m/s. And range will vary depending on temperature, grade, payload and driving style.

Quick Details
Quick Details System Voltage
Passenger Capacity
Motor Power (Rated)
Range (Loaded)*
Motor Power (Maximum)
Motor Type
Gradeability (%)
Battery Type
Lithium Battery
Min.turning radius (m)
Battery Voltage/Capacity
Max.loading weight
Overall Dimensions
Body & Frame
Welded steel framework with anti-rust treatment of acid washing + phosphating+electro-coating
PP plastic front body + PP plastic rear body, with painting
Injected plastic, gel coated
Front windshield
Foldable organic plastic windshield
Laminated glass windshield
Laminated glass windshield with wiper
Roof Supports
Sweater Basket
Backrest and cushion
Reborn sponge + artificial leather + plastic armrest
Backrest Cover
Plastic, in black color
Wood finish
Galvanized Steel Sheet + anti-slip ruber mat
Plastic, injected, in black
Wood finish
Carbon fiber
Steering Wheel
Black artificial leather covered, with score card
Wood finish
Carbon fiber
Side trim
Side rear view mirror
2pcs, foldable
Central rear view mirror
Glove box door & lock
Plastic, black or wood finish
2-point retractable seatbelt
Transparent PVC + Canvas, with two sides zipper
Electric System
Lighting System &Horn
2 headlights, 2 front turning signals, 2 LED taillight (each combined 1 brake light with 1 turning signal), electric horn
DC/DC converter
20A, 72V/12V
Reverse Buzzer
electric, 12V
Intelligent, input 110V-240V~50Hz-60Hz, output 72V/18A
Digital Meter
speed, mileage, headlight indicator, emergency light indicator, turn signal indicator, reverse indicator
Hour meter
Emergency power-off button
To cut the main power
12V accessory plug
USB interface
Steering system, brake system and suspension system
Steering system
Single-stage rack and pinion steering system, with automatic rocker compensating function
Brake System
4 wheel dics hydraulic brake
Stepless speed change, resistor type
Suspension system
Front independent suspension and rear plate spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
Driving mode
Rear axle two stage deceleration, motor direct driving, rear wheel drive
Rear axle
Integrated, Gear ratio12.49:1
Wheel & Tyre
14'Alumimum wheel

'●' means standard configuration; '○' means optional configuration

Personalized private customization

We are a manufacturer specializing in personalized customization and modification, and we are the first manufacturer in the world to mass-produce 72V lithium battery golf carts. Our product prices range from 2,800 US dollars to 6,500 US dollars, and we can realize complete vehicle customization.

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Optional Accessories For Choose

As a factory with nearly 40 years of experience in car manufacturing, Yaxi has rich supply chain resources, can meet most of customers’ customization needs, and has rich OEM experience.


72V AC CURTIS Controller

Compared With Traditional 48V Controllers, Yaxi Uses CURTIS Brand Controller (72V 400A AC Controller), With Regenerative Brake And Walk-Away Function. High And Stable Quality, Powerful, Global 2 Years Warranty.

3 Years Warranty 72V Lithium Battery

LG/SK pouch cells made lithium-ion battery pack. 72V/115Ah capacity (OEM available), with intelligent BMS to control the charging and discharging of each cell, then to protect the battery properly, BMS can be connected to an App on the mobile phone for easy operation. 4000 times life cycles based on 99% DOD. 3 years warranty to be provided! Lower life cost, you are deserved to have!

72V 4KW, 5KW or 7.5KW AC Motor

Very Powerful and Maintenance Free AC motor. Motor power varies from 4KW, 5KW and 7.5KW. With 7.5KW motor, the climbing ability can be 35%.The standard motor of Yaxi is an AC asynchronous motor, which has the advantage of no high-temperature demagnetization of permanent magnets, and can extend the working time of peak power, rated power and peak power. It has the ability to start high torque and high speed torque adjustment.

72V High Power Lithium Battery Golf Cart & Hunting Buggy

Lithium Battery Powered Electric Lifted Golf Cart, 72V AC system, 4KW/5KW/7KW AC motor, 115Ah Lithium Battery, front MacPherson Independent suspension, front disc brake, LED lights, digital meter, 12/14″ aluminum rim with off road tire, sports steering wheel.

Personalized private customization

We are a manufacturer specializing in personalized customization and modification, and we are the first manufacturer in the world to mass-produce 72V lithium battery golf carts. Our product prices range from 2,800 US dollars to 6,500 US dollars, and we can realize complete vehicle customization.

Vehicle anti-rust treatment

The metal structure of the YAXI body has undergone three processes of pickling, galvanizing and plastic spraying to ensure that the vehicle body has excellent anti-rust ability.


The method of using an acid solution to remove scale and rust on the steel surface is called pickling. It is a method of cleaning metal surfaces. Usually performed in conjunction with pre-passivating treatment. Generally, the workpiece is immersed in an aqueous solution such as sulfuric acid to remove films such as oxides on the metal surface. It is the pretreatment or intermediate treatment of electroplating, enamel, rolling and other processes.


Galvanizing refers to a surface treatment technology that coats a layer of zinc on the surface of metals, alloys or other materials for aesthetics and anti-rust effects. The main method used is hot-dip galvanizing. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V. For the steel substrate, the zinc coating is an anodic coating. It is mainly used to prevent the corrosion of steel. The quality of its protective performance is closely related to the thickness of the coating. After the zinc coating is passivated, dyed or coated with light protection agent, its protection and decoration can be significantly improved.

plastic spraying

Plastic spraying is a surface treatment method that sprays plastic powder on parts. Its working principle is to charge the plastic powder through high-voltage electrostatic equipment, and under the action of the electric field, spray the paint onto the surface of the workpiece, and the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating; and the powder coating passes through After leveling and curing at high temperature, the plastic particles will melt into a layer of dense final protective coating with different effects; it will firmly adhere to the surface of the workpiece.

Independent Suspension

Automobile-level Independent Suspension

YAXI advantage